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다문화가정 및 이중언어 사용 아동 관련 연구분석 : 국내 언어장애 관련 학술지를 중심으로 The Research and Analysis Related to Multicultural Families and Bilingual Children : Focused on the Domestic Academic Journals Related to Speech Impediment
장애영유아 통합보육을 위한 동작교육의 적용방안에 관한 고찰 A Study on Methods to Apply Movement Education to the Inclusive Child Care of Infants with Special Needs
초등학교 일반아동의 장애 수용태도와 부모양육태도 The Relationship between Elementary School Children's Acceptance Attitude of Disability and Bring up Attitude of Their Parents
치료놀이를 적용한 요리활동 부모교육이 한부모가정 아버지-자녀 상호작용에 미치는 영향 The Effects of Parental Education with Cooking Activities by Applying the Cook Theraplay on the Interactions between a Child and Father in Single Parent Family
호흡훈련중심의 음악치료중재가 뇌성마비 아동의 발성 및 조음발달에 미치는 영향 The Effect of Phonation and Articulation Development of the Children with Cerebral Palsy after the Respiratory Training Focused on Music Therapy Intervention