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Article 1 (Purpose)

The purpose of this regulation is to set matters concerning the publication of the journal of The Korean Association on Developmental Disabilities.

Article 2 (Field of Recruitment)

Multi-academic content on the theory and practice of developmental disabilities

Article 3 (Eligibility for Contribution)
  • 1. In principle, the qualification for submission is limited to regular members. However, submissions and publications other than regular members are subject to the decision of the editorial committee.
  • 2. In principle, one article should be published per person.
Article 4 (Reception Period)

Accepted at any time throughout the year.

Article 5 (Issuance Date)
  • 1. The Journal of Developmental Disabilities’, the academic journal of this society, is published four times a year on March 30, June 30, September 30, and December 30 every year.
  • 2.The number of annual publications of ‘The Journal of Developmental Disabilities’ can be continuously increased in the future.
Article 6 (Manuscript Quantity)

In principle, each manuscript should be within 20 pages (including references and abstracts).

Article 7 (Article Submission Procedure)
  • 1. Submit the article submission application form, the article submitted, the research ethics compliance agreement, and the submission-related self-checklist KCI similarity test confirmation by email to the Society ( (received frequently throughout the year).
  • 2.Submission of article review (3 or more reviewers).
  • 3.The manuscript is judged as 「Possible to be published」, 「Published after revision」, 「Review after revision」, 「Cannot be published」 and the results are notified by e-mail of the contributor.
  • 4.
    After the review
    • 1) In case of 「Publishing A」, article publication.
    • 2)In the case of 「Publish after revision」, after requesting the author to revise, only the papers that arrive on the date requested by the journal editorial committee will be published.
    • 3) In case of 「Review after revision」, after requesting revision from the author, only the papers that arrive on the date requested by the journal editorial committee will be reviewed and decided.
    • 4)In case of “Cannot be published”, it is rejected.
  • 5.Revision of the article according to the notification of reviewing results and preparation of reviewing responses.
  • 6.Submit the review response form, final article file, and copyright transfer agreement by e-mail to the society (
  • 7.Payment of article reviewing fee and publication fee after publication is confirmed.
  • 8.Final decision on paper publication and publication.
  • 9.Received the journal ‘The Journal of Developmental Disabilities’.
Article 8 (Clarification of the Status of Article Processing)

The date of receipt of the manuscript, the date of receipt of the revised manuscript, and the date of publication confirmation are indicated in the lower right corner of the last page of the reference.

Article 9 (Reviewing Fee and Publication Fee)
  • 1. The article reviewing fee is KRW 90,000 per paper (However, the article reviewing fee will be waived for papers that are rejected in the paper review.).
  • 2.The publication fee is KRW 200,000, and the article supported by research funding is KRW 300,000.
  • 3.If the printed page exceeds 20 pages, an additional charge of KRW 10,000 per page will be charged.
Article 10 (Copyright)

In principle, the copyright of papers published in ‘The Journal of Developmental Disabilities’ belongs to The Korean Association on Developmental Disabilities.