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The Korean Association on Developmental Disabilities (KADD) was founded in 1996 with the aim of contributing to the development of academics and the improvement of educational sites through interconnected research activities in areas related to developmental disabilities. KADD's academic journal "The Journal of Developmental Disabilities" has been selected as a candidate for registration in the evaluation of academic journals by the Korea Research Foundation since December 2010, and was selected as a registered site in 2019. It is currently published four times a year and holds more than one academic conference a year successfully.
Developmental Disabilities are not a name for a specific type of disability, but a neurodevelopmental disability that encompasses various types of disability, including intellectual disability, autism spectrum disability, learning disability, communication disability, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Accordingly, the social demand for the academic role and participation of our society is gradually expanding. Not only are the causes and symptoms of developmental disorders diverse, but they are also complex, so a multidisciplinary approach such as special education, psychology, social welfare, and medicine is needed.
The KADD comprehensively understands various disabilities and presents a milestone in the education, treatment, and rehabilitation of people with developmental disabilities through cooperation and research by various related experts. This will require active participation, cooperation, and practice of people with developmental disabilities and related experts, and our society will actively take the lead.